Thursday, June 12, 2008

Road Trip: Day 1

Wow...I am exhausted!  Driving about 600 miles while sick is a difficult task but I did it.  That being said, this blog will be short.  Road signs.  Following the instructions on the posted signs is very important for safe travels.  I think the Scriptures are like the road signs.  Following them leads us to safety.  When some one else chooses not to heed them they can hurt themselves and others.  

My first brief stop in Flag. to visit my favorite priest lent me some words of wisdom.  During our conversation, I told him that I am not very good at accepting compliments.  His response: "Get used to it girl because that's God's way of telling you what he thinks about you!"  I think other people are also road signs, but a different kind of road sign.  Instead of the white ones which we must follow or risk getting a ticket, people and their words to us perhaps are more like the green signs telling us how we are doing and how far we are going.  Hmmmm....okay time for bed.  

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